CPP Hyperloop

Season 4 Workshops Launch

Season 4 of the CPP Hyperloop Collaboration Workshop Series is here! 12 new workshops, focused on multidisciplinary engineering project development principles are ready for students to apply and enjoy! Workshops this semester contain a heavy focus on project development, project creation, troubleshooting, and manufacturing. With 6 lecture-type workshops and 6 lab-type workshops, student attendees will learn many different topics on their way to completing their very own project!

Workshop Topics: Python Applications, Circuit Analysis, Circuit Construction, PCB Design, CAD, 3D Printing, Sustainable Engineering, Soldering, Internet of Things, Flight Control, Project Development, Arduino

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Soldering Workshop

75 members of CPP Hyperloop, CPP IEEE, CPP Robotics, and Diamond Bar High School gathered together on 10/28/2022 to solder a project kit together. This project kit, known as Blinky Learner 2, consists of logic gates, LEDs, timers, and potentiometers in order to facilitate an asynchronous ripple counter circuit. Students completed the project kit and learned essential soldering techniques, soldering safety, and other hard skills that they can carry onto other projects in their future.

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